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Anonymous asked: Your thoughts on The Master and Margarita? That's a pretty famous piece of Russian Literayure

That was I think the first Russian novel I had ever read. I really really loved it and still do. I think I was about 14,15 when I first had read it- so I believe that I probably missed a lot of important political context and some psychological too as well. I am actually planning on re reading it this summer. The first chapter stands out the most for me with the talk in the park and the “Anushka dropped the oil”. I think that it is a spectacular book- clever, and witty and i love the whole mysterious world he enveloped around his opinions of society .I think that this book can stand all well on it’s own meaning that if you never read any Russian literature and arent planning on getting into it- it is still a book that you should read and will get something out of. Unless your not really into longer books, than you should probably go for a short story.



Two Jewish women kiss through a fence in the Lodz Ghetto, Poland.
Photographed by Mendel Grossman, who was murdered in the Holocaust.

This is so overwhelming

August 1976 // Notre Dame Hall // Wolfgang Heilemann ©